Program Administration

We touch on a few topics that could easily take an entire episode for themselves; focused more on the parts of our job that happen outside of the classroom. Olin talks about what it was like to host 10 high school marching bands and the work it took to pull of his Band Day. Sus shares horror stories regarding travel and busses.

Warm-ups and Method Books

This week we go over the some of the warm-up and technical exercsises we use in our ensembles as well as review some of the literature available as method books for beginning, intermediate and advanced instrumental ensembles.

The audio quality is poor this week, but the content quality is top notch!

Classroom Management

In our second episode, we discuss the differences in experience between student teaching and our first weeks in our own classrooms, as well as discovering what motivates our students and a few tips and tricks we’ve picked up along the way.

Our Pilot Episode

Our first podcast! 

Join us for our first episode where we introduce ourselves and our programs, talk about our first few weeks of teaching each year, what’s required to prep for the new year and discuss mistakes we made as first year teachers.