Literature Selection

This episode we evaluate our music selection process. This isn’t a “You should be playing these pieces” sort of deal. Again, we’re not experts, and we each have our own way of choosing music, mostly based on the needs of our program and our sudents.

One thought on “Literature Selection

  1. First of all, I really enjoyed listening to your podcast! I know this is an older one, but a colleague is using it as support for a seminar she is working on, so I had the chance to listen.

    Based on some of what y’all said, I thought you might be interested in a literature selection platform I worked on for my Master’s degree. It’s a crowdsourced hub of detailed information about music that people have played – anyone can contribute to the database, and anyone can look at how a piece fits in with their ensemble.

    There’s one for each of the three main areas; the band platform is at:

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