Midwest Wrapup/Debrief

In which we discuss our experiences at Midwest. All of the materials and handouts from the midwest clinic that we reference will be available on the Midwest Clinic’s website: Midwestclinic.org

2 thoughts on “Midwest Wrapup/Debrief

  1. Great podcast. This was my 1st time at Midwest (been teaching 17 years and in the music field for 30).
    – I made the same “scheduling concert” mistake with my state’s conference…had a concert the day before it started…never again
    – Was the iPad clinic applicable to iPhone? I just got an iPhone and am excited about what it could do.
    – I’m with you on the strings stuff (I’m a band teacher too); what might make the strings sessions work better? I used to find them beneficial.
    – This was my first time at midwest. I was underwhelmed by the performances. The sound, balance, rhythm and technique were great, but they didn’t “move” me; anyone else feel this way?

  2. Ive been binge listening to this excellent podcast. I’m interested in finding the Midwest Clinic handouts mentioned in this podcast. I’ve searched their site but can’t find any reference to these materials.

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