AMusEd is four music teachers, all just out of our first five years of teaching. We discuss current issues in music education; offer resources, tips, and tricks; and catalogue our growth and missteps made as young teachers. Each of us brings experience from a different angle of music education. Olin teaches collegiate marching and concert bands; John teaches high school band and orchestra; Susanna teaches high school choir; and Veronica is our catch all for the rest, having taught elementary general music, band and strings, as well as middle school band and choir.

Although there are three masters degrees and more than twenty years of teaching experience between us, this needs to be clear: we don’t consider ourselves experts in Music Education. We’re experts on surviving as young teachers and continuously growing to meet the needs of our programs and our students. We’ve found comfort, insight, and inspiration from sharing our triumphs and failures with each other and find that in these conversations we push each other to grow.

We understand that many young music educators start at new schools with little to no support or community (i.e. you ARE the VPA department). We hope our experiences might be relevant to you and your program, or at the very least young teachers can identify with and laugh at our mistakes and find a few resources to help them in their own programs.

Below is the recording of our CMEA Bay Section Presentation with extended introductions, background and our focus for the podcast and reflections on our growth over the past three years:

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