CMEA Bay Section Presentation: Developing Community

Blurb from the CMEA Handout on the session: This session was designed as a live podcast focused on using technology for professional development and finding ways to develop your own professional learning community or support community followed by a Q&A session. At its core, AMusEd is a PLC: the four of us decided to meet weekly, discuss our teaching, ask for help, and explore a new topic relevant to our professional development. What makes ours different is we record ourselves and share it with the internet. AMusEd is not an advice podcast. We’re not experts, but we are interested in providing our podcast as a proxy for others who don’t have the support we enjoy especially isolated teachers and those in their first five years of teaching.


Recorded on 1/13/17

Values of a Music Educator

This week Olin brought on his colleague, Dr. Jason Gossett to talk about some of his research into what music educators value and how that has changed (or hasn’t) in the last 30-40 years.

From his bio at OSU: Dr. Jason B. Gossett is an instructor in instrumental music education at Oregon State University where he teaches instrumental methods for graduates and undergraduates, research methods for graduates, and supervises student teachers.  In addition to his deep commitment to music teacher education, he is the assistant director of the Oregon State University Marching Band and assists with basketball pep bands.  Dr. Gossett also oversees and conducts the Campus Band. Prior to entering higher education, Dr. Gossett spent 10 years as a highschool band director in Kentucky. 

Recorded Dec. 11, 2016


Since we all squandered out college degrees on music or music education, sometimes we struggle with communication, especially finding the best means to communicate with large groups of parents and students with varying levels of interest and access to the internet.


This week we talk about the different strategies we use to get information to our students and their parents.